September 23, 2006
David will be on as Enjolas on these dates:
- 23rd october for a week
- 18th and 20th december
- 4/5/6th january
- 5/6/7th march
- 23rd april for a week

His holiday dates will be on:
- 25th september for a week
- 6/7/8th november
- 1/2/3rd january
- 22/23/24th february
- 12th march for a week
- 14/15/16th may.

May 12, 2006
Happy Birthday David!!!

April 23, 2006
According to the London Les Mis site, David will be staying with the show until the next season. No word yet if he will take over Enjolras.

Sunday 2nd April 2006 at 8pm
(doors open 7.30pm)

a charity cabaret in aid of Theatrecares, featuring performers from London's West End at "Tiger Tiger" on Haymarket.

Performers include:
Shonagh Daly (Eponine - Les Misérables), Mark Dickinson (Les Mis), Damian Humbley (Walter-Woman In White), CJ Johnson (Woman In White),Hannah Lindo (Cathy - Jack The Ripper), Andy Mace (Woman In White, Les Mis), Alexandra Silber (Laura-Woman In White) and Hayden Tee (Marius-Les Misérables), David Thaxton (Bamatabois/ Courfeyrac - Les Mis).

Please note that the schedule is subject to change at short notice.
Tickets cost £15, and includes one drink from the bar.
(due to the nature of the venue this event is over 18's only).
For more information, and to book online, visit:

A Happy Ending off stage at Least
Les Mis-ter and Mrs as show stars
fall in love
by Alistair Foster

Two of the stars of long-running musical Les Misérables have fallen in love - and Irish singer Shonagh Daly says she is a lot less miserable with her new man.

The stunning 24-year-old, who stars as Eponine in the West End production, said: "His name is David Thaxton, he's 23 and he plays Bamatabois in Les Misérables."

"We met on the first day of rehearsals and we got on but I didn't see anything beyond that. Then I broke up with my boyfriend and I saw something different in David."

But things haven't always been good for Limerick-born Daly. She rose to fame in October 2001 when she sang at the Ground Zero prayer service in New York, and was hailed as the "next Evita".

She signed a record deal but was dropped six months ago, and it seemed as though she had sank without a trace.

She was on the verge of marrying her former boyfriend, fellow musical star Grant Anthony. She added: "In the past few months, I've been happier than I have been in a long, long time. It's early stages, but he's really funny."
Thanks to Grampy for the news clipping

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BBC - Norfolk

Life at What's Onstage

Dunvant Male Choir

This, the 3rd of our annual competition dedicated to encourage young singers who particularly have a flare for Theatre was once again a resounding success, enjoyed by the audience and the competitors alike.

The happy winners of this year’s competition, Hayley Gallivan and David Thaxton, who unusually were joint winners of the competition. The adjudicators could not decide on an outright winner and decided to award the first prize jointly to David and Hayley. Presenting the cheque for £1000 are Julia Evans and Greg Harry who are representing The Principality Building Society, sponsors of the competition.